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Rebel Youth Football is designed as a true developmental program. We strive to develop quality coaches, skilled players, and a strong sense of community through the sport of football. We hold high academic expectations for our athletes as they grow as a player. Using football as a platform, we aim to teach strong work ethics, build teamwork, and keep morale high.

With Horlick Rebels Head Coach, Brian Fletcher, on our board and a passionate supporter of our program, we see our football players grow from young boys to young men. Coach Fletcher says, “Racine is my hometown, and my family is my passion. The Rebel Football Program is an extension of my family and represents the good in our community.” With his dedication to our youth program, our football players take a journey from youth to high-school on the field, often resulting in attention from college and university scouts. “The structure and concepts of RYF mirror the high school program and because of this, youth who play in RYF come into our high school program better prepared to make immediate contributions,” (Brian Fletcher). Winning games is our goal, but ultimately it is the growth of our youth that is the most important to our program.

Young people in all communities and schools face challenges, but Coach Fletcher “feels strongly about the support systems our youth football program naturally puts in place for kids who play, and stay in the Rebel Youth-to-High School football program.”

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